Brand “Eddy Kids” was created in 2011. As manufacturer of knitwear for women, having 25 years of experience, we have decided to add children and baby knitwear to our production range.

Women they are certainly also mothers and having worked for some time with a beautiful half of mankind, we have come to the conclusion that much more will give pleasure to all mothers and ourselves if we start to produce quality and at the same time affordable children s clothes, in which their babies will be comfortable and also warm.

Our knitwear belongs to the second layer of clothing and is designed for FALL / WINTER period. These are sweaters, tunics, dresses, leggings, Babygrows, cardigans, etc.


Important in the production of children's clothing is not only compliance with technologies, but also natural raw materials.

All products are subject to a washing process before being assembled (stitched). After this process, the article does not deform and becomes softer.

We use certified Eco-Friendly Italian softeners. We use only quality yarn from Turkey and Italy, which includes %85 cotton and 15% merinose wool, dyed with certified (OEKO-TEX ®) dyes safe for children.

All garments produced by EDDY KIDS comply with sanitary standards and have the following qualities::

  • Child knitwear does not irritate the sensitive and gentle skin of the child;
  • All products have a unique design
  • Children's knitwear is multifunctional, it can be worn at home and on the street;
  • Products are very practical. They do not limit and do not constrain the movement of the baby;
  • Clothing made of knitwear provides maximum comfort to the child;
  • Children's knitwear is equipped with child-safe fittings;

All products are certified.


Styles of children's clothing are what should be known about and what caring parents should understand perfectly, as it is the style that forms the child's worldview, his attitude towards the world around him and himself.

The products of Eddy Kids® developed by our designers, considering all the global fashion trends.

The slogan of our brand “ KNITTED WITH LOVE ’’ . As everyone knows, everything brilliant is simple, our clothes are for little fashionistas. They have original design for casual wear .